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Welcome to the Damsel Preservation League or "DPL" for short. Contained herein, you'll find a multitude of damsels of all ages worthy of preservation, as well as many links to current artists & writers of the DID genre, and many old-school favourites. Although this is basically a research type blog, there may be some occasional "mature" themed comics so, beware of this. Also this blog & is moderated to keep the spam to a minimum. The majority of the images are ones I've personally "rebuilt" from either my own collection or scans found elsewhere on the 'net. Any applicable copyrights belong to the owners and I make no money from them. Also note that this blog is still a work in progress and will be added to as I continue along...

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Mary Marvel Christmas

On January 6, 1943, Mary Marvel made her debut amongst the pages of WOW Comics #9...the rest, as they say, is history. I've posted bits of this story before over at a Yahoo group I'm in, but never the entire 14 pages. I restored the pages as best I could given the original source materiel I found over at the DCM. It's still a bit fuzzy but a lot more readable than it was. Most of you familiar with Mary & her exploits of playing the "damsel in distress" have probably read this by now, so this is basically a recap of sorts. Ignoring the comic's release date (I'm not exactly sure when this one hit the newsstands), it "ties in", if you'll pardon the pun, to the Christmas season. I've included a partially restored cover-scan; hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lady Satan

I really wish I had better scans of this one from Red Seal comics #21. A Lady Satan story that features three damsels at varying points of distress. Unfortunately, the splash-page scene appears nowhere in the story, itself...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hopalong To Peril

If you're one to peruse the DCM, you'll no doubt note that it's a virtual treasure-trove of DID goodies, from an era when comics were totally unregulated by the government...mainly the early 1930's to the mid1950's. I won't get into details on that, as it would take way too long to write, let alone explain. The main problem with any on-line comic archive is that, one is at the mercy of the source itself and who scanned it in. Below are some examples of restored micro-fiche pages from one of the HOPALONG CASSIDY stories, as found in one of the many Master Comics books. I'm not sure exactly which one as this is a compilation, of sorts of just the character's stories. At any rate, I don't use any type of "photoshop" programmes, only what came with my Mac...so I'm pretty much limited to how I can improve the scans. The majority of fiche scans are blurry, dark and highly over-contrasted and it take time to fix them, if that is even possible. In most cases it isn't. But every now and then, I have a bit of success, if only to make the pages more readable...have a look at what happens to poor Betty, as she's left trussed up in a canyon, about to be trampled by stampeding cattle!
In addition to blurry pages, I've also had to deal with faded and yellowed images...some which are easier to "restore" than others. It's an on-going project...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vonda Sorrel

Welcome to the Damsel Preservation League! My intentions with creating the "DPL" for short, are simple...to bring you some rare DID goodies & also showcase various artists & writers (past & present) of the genre known as "Damsel In Distress". This is also a place to showcase my pathetic attempts at art, as well as my own writings. You'll find things here that you probably wouldn't find on my DeviantArt page...as such, some of you may find the subject matter a bit "adult"; others may find it tame. I'm pretty open-minded, so anything DID-related could end up here (except for furry or anthro stuff...I don't do furry or anthro!) At any rate, enough of my prattle! I'd like to start off with something along the "preservation" part of this blog. Probably one of my favourite bondage/fetish/DID artists, was Eric Stanton. If you don't know who he was, you can read this brief wiki article here... For a brief time in the late '90's ('95-97), I had subscribed to his mail-order catalogue. It basically featured xeroxed copies of his work & stories. Unfortunately, I no longer have all those catalogues but still have some pages floating round. The Vonda Sorrel pages below, were not part of the original offerings from any of the catalogues, as far as I can remember but...I've been able to locate the cover & first 9 pages(?) of this long-lost story.
For other Stanton books, especially his earlier work, you can go to ZIZKI here or Belier Press. I still have quite a few books but most can be found on-line & some even for free! And note that the ZIZKI site is very slow, so just be patient ;)