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Welcome to the Damsel Preservation League or "DPL" for short. Contained herein, you'll find a multitude of damsels of all ages worthy of preservation, as well as many links to current artists & writers of the DID genre, and many old-school favourites. Although this is basically a research type blog, there may be some occasional "mature" themed comics so, beware of this. Also this blog & is moderated to keep the spam to a minimum. The majority of the images are ones I've personally "rebuilt" from either my own collection or scans found elsewhere on the 'net. Any applicable copyrights belong to the owners and I make no money from them. Also note that this blog is still a work in progress and will be added to as I continue along...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Creepy...Isn't It?

I don't know about you but...I think I prefer the Spanish version of the CREEPY books. Of course, I'm basing that on just the cover art. Beware! Nudity! GASP! Here are a few of my favourites that I cleaned up...the reference link is in the side-bar.


Boots Goes Swimming

Here's an excerpt from "Boots And Her Buddies #6" (December 1948~Visual Editions Inc.) The "Boots" comics were usually book-length but involved a series of inter-connecting stories, that wove themselves into a final conclusion. From issue #6 there were two particular DID scenarios and I only restored those two only. For some background so no-one gets lost; Boots has gotten a call from Mr. Bixby to come out to Florida & help manage his busy hotel. While there she decides to go swimming and almost ends up as a shark's lunch! Movie star Handy Andrews comes to her rescue (as he often does), in the proverbial "nick of time". Below is the DID sequence only, from the time Mr. Bixby sees Boots in the water, to the time she recovers from her fainting spell...oh yeah, and the gorgeous splash page!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Daring Detective 1

A few years ago in my web-search for all things "Pulp Magazine-ish", I chanced across this badly faded cover of Daring Detective #1 You can view a much better scan HERE. I sooooo wanted to get a better scan but there was just nothing more out there (and who says you can find anything on the 'net?) So, being somewhat of an artist but with no digital skills at all (that means no Photoshop or related programmes), I set out to rebuild the cover by hand. That means with pencils, inks and markers. The result was good enough for me but, I'm sure it's still far short of the original when it was first published in 1941. Below is the progression I took. Unfortunately, I did not find the second scan until a couple of years later, so reworking the missing bits required my vast imagination.

Senorita Rio

In the 1940's there were a great many female heroines. Probably one of my favourites is Rita Farrar (a.k.a Senorita Rio), an actress turned Allied spy. You could find her amongst the pages of Fight Comics (a Fiction House book.) The story here is from issue #19 (June 1942)
As I have restored most of the scans I've found, you can look forward to more of Rita's adventures...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That Spanish Site Pt.3

Most folks relate distressed damsels with bondage. Hollywood has been capitalizing on that since basically forever. But, a damsel need not be bound and gagged in order to be in distress (though the bondage can add to the suspense of the scene, can't it?) As these Bravo covers illustrate, the damsels on them do, indeed, find themselves in some pretty distressing situations. The reader is invited inside the book to see what will actually happen (if anything...) In 1976 Bruguera reprinted the Inspector Dan stories and issued them via Bravo comics with all-new cover-art. Here are some of the better covers...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


In any language, "DID" or "Damsels in Distress", is fairly self-explanatory. Here are a few "Arandu" covers from a Colombian publisher (Cinco)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Meeting the Doctor

Welcome all to another edition of what I like to call "Mary Marvel Monday". In December of 1945, Fawcett issued Mary Marvel her very own book. She's been in danger ever since. Here's her first "official" meeting with Dr. Sivana in Mary Marvel #1...