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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jane Arden

I'm currently seeking strips form the Jane Arden comic-strip series, especially the strips involving her in some sort of distress or peril. All I have aside from some really bad microfiche scans, are the ones pictured below. Quite a few of the strips were reprinted in Crack Comics, back in the 1940's. The first one here is from Crack Comics #3 (July 1940), and is the only one I know of that features Jane bound and gagged. The next one is from Crack Comics #25 (May 1942) and features Jane getting the ol' "coat pulled over the head" routine and tossed into a back room. There has to be more out there but, I've yet to find any. Anyone that has any clews as to where I should search further, can let me know via this blog or by e-mail. Thanks in advance.

From Crack Comics #3
Detail of above page
From Crack Comics #25


Marc said...

" Jane Arden: Crime Reporter " Issue Number 2 on pages 30-32 contains a scene where she's tied to a chair with radio wiring and silenced with a very realistic looking cloth cleave gag.

You can view it on the Digital Comics Museum site.

Subby said...

Thanks a bunch, Marc! I'll check that out :)