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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Robin Kane

Here's a "girl detective" that's so obscure, she doesn't even have a wiki page! Meet 13 year-old Robin Kane and her BFF Mindy Hunter, as they are hijacked in mid-flight. It's up to Robin to fly the plane in after the pilot has been rendered unconscious by the would-be hijacker. The hijacker himself is tripped up by Mindy and he falls and slams his head against the co-pilot's seat. With help from the controlle tower, Robin is able to fly the plane until the pilot revives! The book is titled "Mystery in the Clouds" and was written by Eileen Hill, with illustrations by Sylvia Haggander. This is book #5 (Whitman 1971) in the very short Robin Kane series.

Diego says to take the plane back over the border!

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