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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ND Elusive Heiress

Fore-note: This is a spoiler alert. If you've never read a Nancy Drew book before, then do not continue.

 For the past 20 years or so, I've been involved in an on-going self-project to assemble together ALL the Nancy Drew DID/DIP scenes that have appeared in all the books, whether she's tied up or not. Mind you this is no easy feat, as there are currently over 600 books from all the series, combined! My main concentration is on the original series, as well as the "Case Files" series. These two series alone encompass nearly 300 books. A lot of you are familiar with current scans running all over the 'net but, I'm using scans from my own personal collection, including interior illustrations, if any are featured in a given story. As afar as I can read, it looks like illustrations went the way of the dinosaur, sometime after the 80th book. Some of the book copies I have are older and some are newer and not illustrated. At any rate, my notes were lost in a move I made back in '97. I have spent the years since then, trying to locate every book I could find and add to my growing collection. Older editions do not matter (as far as 1st editions go), just so long as I can read the "unedited" versions (pre 1959.)

Recently, I've been re-reading them all and taking new notes. I'm pretty much a book-worm and can devour books at an alarming rate. So far, I've been able to finish about 120 books in the past couple of months (and I don't read them in numerical order as one would have to with say...the Judy Bolton or Trixie Belden books.) I'll probably need another year to complete the project, after which I'll have everything saved into a PDF file. But for now, I can let on to at least one book: "The Elusive Heiress" (Nancy Drew #68.) The cover is a later one and the illustrations were done by Paul Frame (who also did most of the illustrations for the Trixie Belden series.) The set-up involves Nancy and Ned taking charge of a young girl (Jennifer Buckman), who is the great-grand-daughter of a woman who went missing 40 years previous. This occurs en route to Cheyenne, Wyoming when Nancy goes to visit an old family friend, Grace Reed, who has agreed to house them at her place while Nancy investigates the whereabouts of the missing heiress. It is Grace who has called Nancy's father for help in the case and of course, Nancy just can't resist a mystery. She meets ten year-old blond, brown-eyed Jennifer at the airport, along with her custodian from a private boarding school. The custodian explains that Jennifer had gotten a call to come and see her injured mother, out in Cheyenne. It is all a ruse by a family relative, to prevent the missing heiress from returning and claiming the family fortune.

The time-frame is July, so it's hot weather.

If you're looking for tie-up scenes in this story, forget it. There are none. However, Nancy does get into all sorts of trouble, as the illustrations indicate. She also thwarts Jennifer's first kidnap attempt but not the second one. OOPS. Needless to say, Nancy uses her sleuthing abilities and brings the case to a happy conclusion. The cover illustration appears on page 173 and involves Nancy and Ned finding the kidnapper's lair. Since the door is padlocked shut, Ned has to break a window to gain entry into the run-down cabin, Jennifer and her mother are being held captive in. This takes place near midnight.

Cover scene pg.173

Nancy pushed before advancing parade-pg.44

Nancy grabbed in alley-pg.117 

Nancy meets a bull-pg.154

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