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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ginny Gordon-The Disappearing Candlesticks

From Whitman (1948) written by Julie Campbell and illustrated by Margaret Jervis. Ginny runs afoul of a crook out for revenge on his former employer after being "sent up" for a ten year prison stretch, for stealing. Ginny finds this out near the end of the story as she is caught snooping by the ex-con. Too scared to move, her own fear keeps her in "mental bondage" (the crook does threaten to leave her bound and gagged but this never happens, so is a missed opportunity...)

The old man in the illustrations is Franklin who has worked for Ginny's Great Aunt Betsy for years. He's the one after the candle-sticks and (repeatedly throughout the story) threatens proper discipline. This also, never happens in the story. Below are the cover and the four "implied-peril" illustrations, done by Margaret Jervis.

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