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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ginny Gordon-The Lending Library

From Whitman (1954) written by Julie Campbell and illustrated by Margaret Wesley. Ginny finds out almost too late who is behind the theft of rare books. At the story's climax, Ginny finds herself alone in an old mansion. The thief barges in demanding certain information and is willing to torture Ginny to get it. He first lights a match while tightly grasping Ginny's wrist to prove his point. He soon switches to a lighter. There are some missing elements to this scene:

1st~Ginny ponders about the gas in the house being left on with all the windows and doors shut, but there is no mention of any use of the kitchen stove. The assumption is that the crook will leave her K.O'd or bound and gagged to suffocate from the gas, which never occurs.

2nd~Ginny leans back in the chair she's sitting in as the crook produces a lighter to start his torture of her fingers. She leans back in the chair and kicks him while at the same time falling over backward and knocking herself out! There is never mention of her being forced to sit in a chair nor of the K.O. scene, directly. Upon the next chapter, Ginny wakes up to face her chums, somewhat confused. As usual, she's rescued in the nick of time.

So there's your peril set-up. You can fill in the blanks if you've enough imagination (like I do...) This is also the last Ginny Gordon book I'll be featuring. LIke I averred in an earlier post, I only have four of the six books in this series. My fourth book "The Broadcast Mystery" probably wouldn't appeal to anyone (hint: it's lacking in the DID department...)

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