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Friday, November 22, 2013

Artist Spotlight #2 Erikson

Here's another really cool artist that features the bulk of his work on DeviantART. Known to most simply as "Erikson1", he's been around for a while now. I first encountered him via a forum for "girl detectives in trouble" (or GDIT), back in 2007. His early work may seem a bit crude to most but, it's still way better than anything I'll ever be able to draw. Using his hand-drawn line-art with which he digitally colours, has led to incredible improvements as well as style over the past few years. He just keeps getting better!

Erikson will draw just about anything as long as one keeps it with a PG-13 type of rating. His work on Disney princesses is among my favourites but, he also does fantastic work on other's OC's ("original characters" for you laymen out there...) Though his prices do not come cheap, I think they are well worth it, considering the amount of time he has to spend on any given project. The bulk of the stories are illustrated from stories written both by himself and others. If you happen to visit his DA page (I've a link to it in the side-bar to the left there...), you should delve into his "scrapbook". There you will find literally thousands of alternate drawings (usually of gag & blindfold variations.) I've since dubbed Erikson the "Gag Master" and even attempted to reproduce a panel from one of his earlier story collaborations entitled, "The Fur Caper" (see my pathetic attempt below...)

My pathetic attempt

The actual panel

For a much better and complete example of the above mentioned story, including the cover, you can read/view it below...

Erikson just keeps getting better with every piece he does. At some point (and when I have more funds available), I hope to do a collaboration with Erikson but, it may be a while before this ever occurs. For now I'll just be content with viewing his work :) Now go visit his DA page and see what all my prattling is about :)

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