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Friday, May 9, 2014

ND Fire Dragon

Nancy Drew book #38, The Mystery of the Fire Dragon (which also happens to be nearly the same image sought after by international jewel thieves in the 1967 movie, Fathom), was first published in 1961. The story is memorable for Nancy's multiple peril scenes. In the story Nancy and her chums run afoul of smugglers; first in NYC where they are staying with Nancy's Aunt Eloise and later in Hong Kong. The case in Hong Kong stems from an heir search that Mr. Drew is working on. The short: Chi Che Soong (the heiress) is kidnaped by the smugglers (see first illustration below.) At one point in NYC, Nancy is clobbered on the head with a falling flower pot. Ouch.

Another scene occurs when George is "done up" to look like Chi Che and is subsequently kidnaped right off the street and shoved into the back of awaiting car. She is soon let go after the crooks find they have the wrong person (no illustration for this scene exits, that I'm aware of, although there is an illustration of George in disguise {see third illo below}.)

At the story's climax. Nancy is captured as she noses round at the airport in Hong Kong. Duped into seeing Chi Che, Nancy is forced into a private plane. Quick as a wink but too late for her to react, Nancy is grabbed and her wrists tied behind her back. She's then forced to lie face down across the seats and her ankles are bound. The plane takes off despite having filed no flight plan. Ned has witnessed the whole scene and immediately summons help. Using the Navy helicopter he'd already chartered he sets out with the pilot to follow the plane. Meanwhile, the airport dispatcher gets ahold of the British Navy (who is on manoeuvres just off the coast of Hong Kong.) Fighters are scrambled to intercept the rogue plane and force it to land. Meanwhile, nancy had remembered she had a lipstick in one of the pockets of her skirt and by wriggling round enough, was able to get to it and write an "S.O.S." in reverse on the plane's window. While the crooks argue over what to do, the pilot wants no part of getting shot down and returns to the airfield. It is Ned who hops aboard the plane to release Nancy. All six illustrations appear here.

Nancy recovers from another K.O.

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