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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nancy Drew Cover Perils Pt. 1 Animal Perils

For the past few years I've been engaged in a "self-project" concerning the many perils of Nancy Drew and her chums, Elizabeth(Bess)Marvin and George Fayne. And just about any other damsel character that happened to get kidnaped, run over, beaten up, etc., etc. along the way. And believe me, there are plenty of them! But in order for you to fully understand all this you must keep in mind one basic thing...peril and danger do not have to include bondage. As I've oft said before, peril is for peril's sake. It's the idea of getting into trouble that could lead to...a bit of rope play later on. Or not.

Since I have all the books for both the main U.S. Nancy Drew series and the Case Files series, I set out to see just how much mayhem and peril there really was. Quite a bit as it turns out. About twenty years ago I set out to gather all this data into a useable source. Mind you this was years before I got a computer. Everything was written down in notebooks. Unfortunately, all those notes and quite a few of the books, were lost in one of my many moves. So. I had to start all over again. I as I did not officially get "on-line" until April 2006, I had to re-collect the lost books the old-fashioned way...I had to look for them. At flea markets, yard sales, libraries, even the Salvation Army. Then, when I finally got a computer, I discovered sites like e-bay and Bonanza. Bingo.

Fast-forward to 2011 and I now had re-collected every book I needed. Now all I had to do is re-read them all and make new notes. OY. But, I'm somewhat of a speed reader and 400-600 pages in a day is a good thing when I'm up for it. But in this case, I had to take it a bit slower. I didn't want to over-look anything. So, I spent part of 2011 and all of 2012 compiling notes for all 175 regular Nancy Drew books. Eventually I'll type them into the computer and set up a pdf file of some sort.

The other thing I had to do was to scan in all the covers for each book. This was daunting as there were many different covers for each book. The early books #1-56 I wasn't worried about. It was the ones after that, #57-175, that I wanted to concentrate on and where the bulk of the "DID" cover art resided. Most of the books you'll be seeing are of the "first edition" type. Meaning that the art is the first of it's kind for the book's cover. I do not possess all the different covers, much less have the space to store them all.

In going through all my cover scans I decided that I needed to break down all the peril elements into different categories. I came up with six, though some can cross over into other categories. And each category has a completely different number of covers. Of the 122 covers I scanned in, 63 of them involved some kind of peril and only one (#151) put Nancy in any form of bondage (though she was dealt the "treatment" enough in the books.) Here are the six categories:

1. Knock-outs (self-explanatory but usually involves some other character and not Nancy), four covers~#90, 91, 105 & 116a

2. Known Assailants (where Nancy sees who her assailant is), ten covers~#61, 66b, 70, 75a, 78b, 83, 94b, 100, 109 & 149 (#149 actually has Nancy as the "chaser" on the cover...)

3. Unknown Assailants (where Nancy can't clearly see who's attacking or chasing her), twenty covers~#58b, 64, 69, 71b, 72a, 72b, 73, 77b, 85, 102, 106, 112, 114, 117, 128, 141, 142, 144, 147 & 173

4. Animal Perils (covers involving animal attacks whether implied or actual), five covers~#76, 84, 86, 98, 145

5. Water Perils (covers involving perils in the water such as a sinking boat, storm or waterfall), nine covers~#103, 113, 118, 120, 135, 138, 153, 167 & 172

6. General DID/DIP (aftermath crash scenes, literal cliff-hangers, explosions, fires, etc.; basically anything that could possibly bring harm to the characters), there are fifteen covers I have for this category: #67b, 87, 88, 92, 93, 101, 104, 107, 110, 111, 140, 151, 155, 160 & 171

You'll note that some of the covers carry a letter after the number (usually an "a" or "b".) This is just part of my wacky numbering system if I happen to have more than one type of cover art for any one book.

Seeing as how I've managed to ramble on here more than I had intended, I'll post up the "Animal Peril" covers first. The rest will post throughout the week ahead.

Big bear! Big bear chase!

Niiiice doggie!

That wild horse couldn't drag me away!

AAAAGGHH! Stampede!


Horses seemed to be popular. Three of the covers involve them to some extent. But that grizzly bear peril...YIKES!

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