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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nancy Drew Cover Perils Pt. 2 Water Perils

Water played an important part in many of the Nancy Drew books. From rivers to lakes to oceans to underground caverns, Nancy and her chums faced all sorts of water perils. Even better about the cover art, is that the scenes do appear in the books themselves. No "gotcha" covers, here. Quite often the water peril involved smugglers (no surprise) and usually Nancy bared the brunt of their hostilities. Below are nine covers that fit the "water peril" theme, and though there are plenty more of them in other stories, I've just concentrated on the cover art, itself. I'll be brief in describing each peril below...

In book #103, Nancy and friends are at a winter fireside by one of the smaller ponds. Nan hears a cry for help but it is she who ends up on thin ice!

Book #113 has a seen that has played out in many Nancy Drew tales...trapped in a boat at sea or a lake during a bad storm. Here she is with George in a small sailboat.

Book #118 features Nancy and friend trapped in a sinking raft, in the middle of a lake. At least the water is calm.

Book #120 features Nancy under-cover on a hospital ship docked along the Muskoga river. She runs afoul of drug smugglers and gets tossed over the side!

In Book #135 it is Bess that gets tossed over the side and into the chilly waters of the East River, as Nancy and Ned look on in horror for failing to get to her in time. But worry not, Bess is rescued from the icy water in the proverbial "nick of time".

Book #138 is one of the more violent scenes that occur in the story. From the cover one can not guess that the pool George is about to dive into is electrified! Nancy warns her just in time.

Book #153 is another tale of smugglers. The cover scene only plays out to Nancy and friends kayaking along the coast of California. It doesn't allude the fact that Nancy and Ned are later captured while snooping round an old freighter ship, for which they both end up K.O.'d and bound and gagged in the hold.

Book #167 features another "stormy-at-sea" (or in this case, lake) set-up.

Book #172 deals with Nancy trying to get out of a swift-moving river before she goes over the waterfall!

Nancy quite often found herself trussed up and tossed into the briny deep. Once even trussed up inside a chunk of canvas! Those scenes will be featured in my notes file, sometime next year.

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