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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nancy Drew Cover Perils Pt. 8 General DID 2

Here are the last of my "perilous" Nancy Drew cover scans. Some you'll note can easily fit into the other five categories. I'll also list spoilers for some these, so pay attention.

Book #111 has Nancy and George sneaking out of the window of their cabana. The attacker is unseen by the reader but the girls know full well who it is in the story.

Book #140 has Nancy running out of controlle due to her roller blades coming apart. She just misses getting hit by a speeding vehicle!

Book #151 is the only book (at least for the U.S. editions) that features Nancy in any form of bondage on the cover. Without giving too much away, she's K.O.'d by her attacker. When she wakes up she finds herself trapped in a roller coaster that is running out of controlle. Note that she is improperly strapped in and is in great danger of falling out!

In the climax of Book #155, Nancy finds herself at the mercy of the bad guy in the midst of a tornado outbreak. Weird things happen with tornados but the set-up is almost unbelievable. The speeding car she's being held in gets sucked up by a monster twister. Nancy (unbound) hangs on as long as she can before she herself is sucked out of the car! By a small miracle she ends up with only a few cuts and bruises. The crook fairs fatally as he is destroyed along with the car he was driving.

Nancy and friends on a "run-away" carriage in Central Park.

Terror at the opera as Nancy watches from the wings in horror, as a weight is about to crush the actors on stage!

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jimbor said...

Another great selection .
Thank you for sharing the cover of "The Chocolate Cover Contest " . I did not know of it's significance.It is very well done .Nancy does indeed look as if she is about to fall out of the roller coaster car.
I do like the the outfits on the "The Mystery in Tornado Alley "