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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nancy Drew Cover Perils Pt.6 Knockouts

Very few of the U.S. Issue Nancy Drew covers feature a knocked-out or "K.O.'d" damsel. I only note a handful below. And while I have these set in a separate category, they could also be included in my "Unknown Assailant" category. As for how many times Nancy herself has been knocked out...I've lost count. For in some of the books she's been K.O.'d twice and even thrice!

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jimbor said...

Nice little selection.
My fave is "The Puzzle at Pine View School. It a has a real sense of peril about it ( It puts my in mind of one of those 70's/80's slasher /horror video's, though this cover is much more restrained( but equally if not more effective) than that sort of "box art"
You are spot on about Nancy and how often she got "KO"ed