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Welcome to the Damsel Preservation League or "DPL" for short. Contained herein, you'll find a multitude of damsels of all ages worthy of preservation, as well as many links to current artists & writers of the DID genre, and many old-school favourites. Although this is basically a research type blog, there may be some occasional "mature" themed comics so, beware of this. Also this blog & is moderated to keep the spam to a minimum. The majority of the images are ones I've personally "rebuilt" from either my own collection or scans found elsewhere on the 'net. Any applicable copyrights belong to the owners and I make no money from them. Also note that this blog is still a work in progress and will be added to as I continue along...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ruiz's Kidnapped and Enslaved Pt. 1

I'm a huge fan of the "old school" DID artists. The likes of Eric Stanton, Gene Bilbrew (a.k.a. Eneg), John Willie, Morey, and especially Adolfo Ruiz, just to name a few. Recently though, I've been seeing more and more of their work over at Imagefap. Most of the scans there are basically swipes and reposts from elsewhere on the web and are not the best of quality. The scans I have are a bit different. The ones I still possess (which I've recently excavated from one of my many boxes, and that is quite a few of them), were obtained directly from Eric Stanton's mail-order catalogues back in the early to mid '90's. The stories were basically xeroxed copies of old Nutrix pages and were not the best of quality but, I was able to fix them up a bit in my Editor programme. And the price at the time was nice. I've only scanned in a handful of stories, at this point. I'm not sure when I'll get round to scanning in more. But if you're in a hurry to read the best of these artists then you can check out Belier Press for good quality reprints.

Below are the first eleven chapters of a Ruiz story titled, "Kidnapped and Enslaved". There are twenty-two chapters in this story. The balance will post anon. The emphasis is on "females dominating females", so if that sort of thing turns you off then please, look no further. Else-wise read on. Ruiz, like Stanton's and Morey's early work, had a penchant for putting his characters in nearly impossible bondage positions and extreme tortures. While the story here isn't my favourite, it does do well to illustrate this. You'll also note that though the characters are scantily clad, there is no nudity. The story here was originally published in 1954 by Nutrix and later reprinted in the 1970's by Belier Press.  Most of the Belier Press books have since been re-printed, mainly by Fantagraphics/EROS Comics back in the late 1990's.

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