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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hit Girl's Escape

Forgive me the long delay on this but, I've been having a few "Real Life" problems that needed my immediate attention. Family first.

This post is a bit longer than my other Hit Girl posts, even with editing out a lot of panels and pages. If you've been following this series ( meaning actually buying the book), then you already ken who Mindy's "executioner" is supposed to be. He's revealed here and if you don't recognise him, oh well. *shrugs shoulders*

The panels and pages here are in chronological order. I've left out Mindy's flashbacks to her "underwater training" with Big Daddy but did include the page where she is almost recaptured in the current scenario. How's she finally rescued and by whom, I did not reveal but, it's not difficult to figure out. Using the clews in the pages here, one can almost figure out that Mindy's executioner has also become one of her saviours. And though she is still doped up, she manages to finally get out of that pesky straight-jacket! I've left out a lot of important scenes and most of the violence and just concentrated on Mindy's immediate peril. I've also included the totally mis-leading cover. There is only one more issue to go and I'm guessing it'll be a pretty bloody one. Not sure when it'll hit the stands but I'm on the wait list ;)

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