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Welcome to the Damsel Preservation League or "DPL" for short. Contained herein, you'll find a multitude of damsels of all ages worthy of preservation, as well as many links to current artists & writers of the DID genre, and many old-school favourites. Although this is basically a research type blog, there may be some occasional "mature" themed comics so, beware of this. Also this blog & is moderated to keep the spam to a minimum. The majority of the images are ones I've personally "rebuilt" from either my own collection or scans found elsewhere on the 'net. Any applicable copyrights belong to the owners and I make no money from them. Also note that this blog is still a work in progress and will be added to as I continue along...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

She's A Spitfire!

I don't know much about this character, other than what I've found in an old (incomplete) copy of Spitfire #132 (Elliot~early 1940's), via the DCM, based on a cover scan I found via HAG (you got all that?) I don't even ken her real name, other than just "Spitfire" Sanders, agent for the Allies in WWII. I'd like to find more of her adventures, especially ones like this one here. Watch for a K.O. via whip hilt, a carry off and a rather weak chair-tie (that she all-too-easily gets out of...) the story here is complete. Carry on!

And of course, I just had to make some detail panels ;)

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