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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Betty The Sleuth 1

Though I've not seen or read a copy in some years, I do still have a few of Betty Cooper's "Nancy Drew-ish" snooper stories. They were titled "Betty Cooper Super Sleuther". Most run ten to twelve pages. Here is one of the early ones from Betty #20 (Archie Publications Inc.~December, 1994.) Here, Betty manages to rescue the entire River High football team...all while donned in her cheer-leading outfit! There is no direct bondage in this one but, the other stories will well make up for it. And the only damsel K.O. scene is never shown, just the after-effect ;)


jimbor said...

Nice one
I did like that one panel giving us a quick look at Betty in her Bra
And I did like all those Panty shots the story provided
All very innocently naughty ,I thought
Thank you for posting this story.

Subby said...

Thanks, Jimbor! I didn't mention the panty shots due to them being rather obvious ;)