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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Susan's Museum Peril

Meet Susan ("Susie" to her friends) Drummond. No relation to Bulldog Drummond that I know of, heh. Anywho, the book here, Mystery in the Flooded Museum, is the only book I have featuring the fifteen-year-old, wannabe museum curator. I'm not sure if there are any others and early research turned up nothing. The book I have is a first edition from 1978 published by Dodd, Mead & Company and is signed by the authoress, Margaret Goff Clark, with dust jacket art by Salem Tamer (Unfortunately, I could find nothing on Wiki for either person). Save for a map of the museum, there are no other illustrations for this book. The scan below is from my personal collection. I scanned this in at 600dpi.

Susan's light brown hair and eyes are in stark contrast to her cousin, Candy Norris', blonde hair & blue eyes. Reading the book, Susan comes across as an older "Trixie Belden" type more than a "Nancy Drew" type. Candy has the fashion smarts of Bess Marvin but without Bess' bubbly personality.

Unlike Nancy though, Susan still has both parents and is the only surviving child (her sister having died in an accident two years previous; the type of accident is not revealed in the book).

The story is based upon actual events and takes place in one area of Pittsburg, PA., FORT PITT, during HURRICANE AGNES.

There are quite a few colourful characters in the story, the main one being a young woman, Pearl Quinn, who longs to be a writer/photographer. Miss Quinn is found unconscious by Susan and Eric (who Susan sometimes dates but he's more a good friend) in one of the museum tunnels, toward the end of the story. Eric goes for help but Miss Quinn has recovered by the time he returns. her head injury isn't serious but she's taken to the hospital as a precaution.

But it is Susan that suffers a worse fate. Figuring out the main villain was fairly easy but, there are enough plot twists to keep a novice mystery reader guessing. I won't reveal the crook(s) here, though. What I will let on is that when Susan goes back into the flooding museum, she's roughly hand-gagged by the villain inside one of the exhibit rooms. The thief quickly shoves a hanky in her mouth and ties another over her mouth. The crook then produces a length of rope (from which he obtained from the exhibit) and tightly ties her hands behind her back. Susan is then made to promise not to tell anyone about the crook. Her ankles are then tied together and another length of rope is used to fasten her to a pole in the exhibit. Susan is then left to her watery fate.

In a "Nancy Drew" style move, Susan is able (with quite some effort) to remove her gag but rubbing the back of it on the rough pole. She then slips her bindings down to the base of the pole. Since the pole isn't secured to the floor, Susan is able to pull the binding out from under the pole and stand up. With the water now up to her knees, Susan carefully hops/wades over to the exhibit's fireplace. There, she manages to saw through the ropes using a sharp edge of one of the stones used to build the fireplace (got all that?) Once free of her fetters, Susan finds a candle and matches and is able to alert passersby to her plight (note that she could not open the museum's doors due to the outside, rising water. Watchers on a nearby bridge alerted authorities and Susan was soon rescued).

All-in-all, a fun, quick read and I wouldn't mind reading more from this authoress (I currently have a couple books on ebay, I might condsider).

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