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Friday, July 29, 2016

Veronica Lodge Get's Muddy Pt.2

The above detail panel and two pages (and more detail panels) that follow, are from Archie's Vacation Special #1(Summer Edition, 1994~Archie Comic Publications, Inc.) In the story, each member of the gang has chosen a place to visit while on summer vacation. Veronica's choice being a luxury spa. But, while she and Betty are relaxing in a nice, warm mud-bath, Jughead decides to join them, sandwich in hand (Jug's decision is mainly due to the fact that his food had gotten too soggy to eat in the sauna...) Insults and mud fly as Ronnie and Jug battle it out. Betty had the foresight to lam while she could. My only lament here, is that the late, great, Dan DeCarlo wasn't the artist. Alas!

AAAAHH! Relaxing!

Smart move, Betty!

Let the mud-slinging begin!

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